Federal and Defense Textile Summit

Mini Briefs by Technology Innovators

Mini Briefs: Textile Technology Innovations - Technology Scouting Showcase. Four select businesses will present their cutting-edge textile technologies in a “Shark Tank” format to a panel of government representatives who will offer feedback and potential collaborations.

Select businesses will have 10-minutes for presentation followed by 10-minutes for feedback and Q&A from the government panel. The mini briefs aim to bridge the gap between innovative textile solutions and federal technology needs.

This session is a crucial opportunity for textile innovators to connect with federal technology needs and gain visibility among prime manufacturers and stakeholders in the defense sector.

Quad Chart template. For consideration, submit a quad chart to burtonr@ncmbc.us by March 1, 2024 at 1700 EST.  Click here to download the quad chart template.

Submission Information.  Quad charts will be accepted starting January 19, 2024.  If you have questions contact Bob Burton at burtonr@ncmbc.us.

Notification of Selection.  Companies will be notified March 6, 2024 by 1700 EST.